Loving the church: {Day 17} Gratitude for the church

I've been missing linking up with Ann, and I've also been feeling my need of keeping the list of gratitude.  I was talking with a dear sister of the heart this week whom I had not seen in ten years.  We both agreed that keeping gratitude is life-changing.  Our hearts really and truly change as we train ourselves to see all for which we have to be grateful.
In that vein, I want to pause today and keep a list of things in my church for which I am thankful.  These are ways that I feel the Father telling me that he loves me, that he loves his people, and that he loves the church, his bride, the one he claims for his own.
Giving thanks for these things in particular:

* the faithful preaching of the gospel by all our pastors
* the Lord's Supper...oh, how I need it every week! More Jesus, more Jesus...
* single men and women who follow after the Lord and serve the church faithfully
* the different parts of the body, and how all our gifts work together
* singing really loudly together in church (my kids think I'm too loud, but I don't care!)
* hearing how God is at work in others' lives...it's always so surprising to hear all the ways he works!
* Women Together events, and meeting new women
* having friends who are a lot younger than I am
* having friends who are older than I am
* the musicians in our church and how they bring their talents and skills into our worship services
* getting to be with the 4th-6th graders each Sunday and hearing their hilarious (but really good!) questions
* lots of pregnant bellies everywhere I look
* having a family who has PROMISED to be there for me, my husband and our children!
* weeping with those who weep
* rejoicing with those who rejoice
* being on a busy street
* my kids having this community of grown-ups who know them and love them
* that the church belongs to Christ; he will sustain her, and present her pure and blameless at the wedding feast of the Lamb -- glory!

This is the 17th part in a series.  Go here to read the series from the beginning.  Go here to read over 700 other 31 Day series on all kinds of topics.

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  1. Love it! I miss the musicians and music at CTK quite keenly sometimes. Doesn't distract from worship on Sunday mornings, but sometimes I'll think of a song and which I could be in a pew in Cambridge singing it loudly with people like you. :)

    I am thankful that the church is all over the globe, that God's at work in and through His people. I'm thankful that because I'm part of the church I can't quit - I need them and they need me.

    And well, Kit, I'm thankful for you and this great series.

  2. singing really loudly in church... yes. i love this. i wish i did it more. xo


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