Strong words to get you through the week

Yesterday at church, before the Lord's Supper, we read a section of the Belgic Confession.  I have shared part of this here before, but these strong and comforting words bear repeating.  These words are so strong that they may make us squirm, especially the part about God's wrath.  But if our sin didn't incur wrath, then our salvation in Christ wouldn't be very great.
I hope to sit in these truths this week.  Be encouraged here!

Q: What do you believe about the work of God?
A: We believe that God - who is perfectly merciful and also very just - sent his Son to assume the nature in which the disobedience had been committed, in order to bear in it the punishment of sin by his most bitter passion and death.

Q: And what do you believe about the work of Jesus Christ?
A: We believe that Jesus Christ presented himself in our name before his Father, to appease his wrath with full satisfaction by offering himself on the tree of the cross and pouring out his precious blood for the cleansing of our sins, as the prophets had predicted.

Q: Why did he endure all this?
A: He endured all this for the forgiveness of our sins.

Q: What comfort does this give you?
A: We find all comfort in his wounds and have no need to seek or invent any other means to reconcile ourselves with God that this one and only sacrifice, once made, which renders believers perfect forever.
Belgic Confession, articles 20,21


  1. This Sunday we sang a worship song that talked of Christ sitting in the mercy seat. I was profoundly struck by the image, and grateful for the grace to keep my sinful heart clean before Him.


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