School. It started.

School started this past week.  Walter on Tuesday, I on Wednesday and the other three on Thursday.
The brothers were rolling their eyes at HOW EXCITED Lucy was about starting kindergarten.  She just could not wait, and even this weekend, is counting the days til she can go back!  Her expectations are so high; I hope that school can live up to everything she hopes it will be.
Here is how Walter felt about going to school.
Here is Walter faking how he felt about going to school.
Here is one VERY!  VERY! excited kindergartner!  She was ready to go about 30 minutes before we needed to leave.

Can you feel the 8th grade love tonight?
And here we have a newly-minted commuter with her brother!  She's happy!
And here is a hardened commuter, calmly reading his morning paper.  
I didn't get many great pics in the classroom, but she is in that bunch of cuties!
The only thing missing here is a picture of me going off to my first day of school!  What was I thinking?!
The beginning of the school year is always a bit discombobulating for me, as we move from one schedule to another.  But the Lord gives grace for even these things, doesn't He?


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