It's a wet Thursday here in Boston.  I hope maybe it is a beautiful sunny Indian summer day wherever you are...unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case I hope it is a lovely spring day for you!
We are getting ready to make a quick trip to my mother's homeland of Buffalo, New York.  My Grandfather passed away last fall, and this weekend was the soonest time that his ashes could be interred at the family plot.  So we will gather with my grandmother, my mother and dad, my aunt and uncles, and some of my mother's sundry relatives to remember Grandfather (And that is what I called him.  He was always "Grandfather", which suited him perfectly, as far as I can tell.)
The amazing thing about this trip is that the things to which I'm looking forward outweigh the feeling of sadness about Grandfather's passing.  It's funny how time can do that.  I know it may not feel the same for my mom, or her sibling, and especially not for my Grandmother.  But for this far-away granddaughter, I have a long list of things that make this trip special.

I'm grateful that my grandmother asked John to officiate the burial service.  This is an honor for John and for our family.

I'm grateful that we can bring our children, as they will have a chance to see their grandparents, great-uncles and aunts, great-grandmother and meet lots of other relatives that they wouldn't otherwise meet.

I'm grateful that my brother and Robin are coming, and that we will do some music for the service.  The last time my bro and I did music together as at our other brother's wedding nine years ago!

I'm grateful to see a city that figures prominently in my mother's family and heritage.
I'm grateful to be able to see my grandmother for the first time since Grandfather's death. I hope it will be some kind of comfort to her to have much of our family together.
                *    *    *

On a completely separate note, I have decided to link up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky and write for 31 days in October.  You can read more about it HERE.  What Emily writes about writing has convicted and encouraged me, and I'm excited about this challenge.  I'm dreaming big about how I might rely on God and see Him work, even on this little bitty blog. On Saturday I'll reveal my topic (still making a final decision about a couple of things).


  1. Wow, Kit! Can't wait to read about your topic and the month of posts! I did national blogging month last year (without a specific topic); it's not easy to post every day. May God give you inspiration! He can do BIG things for HIS name with your blog.

    I wonder what I would write about if I joined in?...


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