It's not over til I'm done showing you my vacation pics

I am SO not ready to say goodbye to summer.  Summer is my favorite season, especially here in New England.  It's just six short weeks of glory, people.  I HATE to see it end!  I love fall, too, but summer...oh, summer.  Don't go.
Here on the blog, we're going to keep summer going because I am NO WHERE near done showing you my photos from our vacation!  That's right, you lucky people, you!

In Maine, we celebrated all summer birthdays.

 We lounged on the deck in the evening and drank cocktails before the mosquitoes began to eat us.

 We went blueberry picking at a farm with the nicest owner ever.  I didn't know that so many varieties of blueberries existed!

That is my really cute mom.

 We went swimming in the Saco River.  It was too cold and cloudy for me, but the kids didn't mind.

With a stick, Theo drew a happy fish and a mad fish.  I love his art.

 We bought 8 live lobsters from a little lobster pound and brought them home.  We made sure to use a seat belt.  Safety first.

 We played with them, and then they became a delicious anniversary dinner!  16 years for John and me!

 On the way back to Boston, we stopped in Ogunquit and swam in the coldest water yet.  I could never get used to it; it was painful the whole time!
Such a lovely place.
 Then we stopped off for the traditional fried seafood extravaganza before driving the rest of the way home.  There's my cute dad.
 She really is a pearl, isn't she?
See, I told you summer wasn't over yet!


  1. Love those blue buckets full of blueberries! And, no. Summer is NOT over yet. My calendar says I have 17 days left, and I'm not yielding a single one!


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