I told you, it's not over yet.

If you live in New England, today's weather may have caused you to think that it is fall.  However, it most certainly IS NOT.  
We have four days of summer left, as evidenced by the fact that I am not done showing you the pictures of our summer adventures.  So much more to show you, friends.
But for tonight, after a tiring first full week of school and a wondrous Saturday, I am going to just show you what we did today, a NOT-FALL, beautiful, glorious day.
John was away last night and today at a quarterly meeting for church elders in our area (also known as a Presbytery, in case you wondered), so the kids and I were on our own.  
Last night was pizza and movie night.  It was so nice to just be together and not have much we had to do.  I sat and folded laundry while we watched a movie.
This morning, the three younger children and I headed out on scooters and a rip-stick to our town's annual celebration! Walter had plans to attend a college football game with a school friend.  Perfect football weather today! (But still not fall.)
First stop, the newly renovated fire house in our town.  You know, you're never too old to get a thrill from climbing on a fire truck.  When Walt and Clayton were itty-bitty, we used to take them our library's annual Vehicle Night, where all the kids could climb on all the town vehicles.  I miss those days.
So fun to tour the fire house, have free doughnuts and coffee, and climb on all the vehicles.

The skylight is made with a wagon wheel from an old-timey fire truck!

We ran into some friends at the fire station and then all made our way into the town center.  There we met up with even more friends, the kids begged for junky toys, we had popcorn and Cokes, saw some dear church friends, and finally hopped a bus back home, just in time for our soccer games.
I was thinking tonight of the things I had to say "no" to this weekend.  There was a party I missed on Friday night, and a birthday party today which we couldn't attend.  With John out of town, there was no way I could do it all.  But you know what?  There was honestly nothing I would have rather done yesterday and today than be with my children, listen to them play, enjoy the sun, be with friends old and new, and just take advantage of our surroundings.
I don't always feel like that; I consider it a great mercy that the Lord can give me peace and contentment in the everyday.

More summer-time fun to come!


  1. ahhhh....i want to go to the fire station! so fun! Rejoicing in the very day He has given is a really good place to be. Happy Sunday!


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