Finding space for gratitude

This time of year is so busy for families, with school and sports and all kinds of activities happening all the time.  I find it quite easy to become overwhelmed, and to feel "behind".

But behind what?  What are all the things that we feel we must be "in front of" in order to have it all together?
(I'm preaching to myself here, people.)
God gives us our tasks for the day.  Not only that, but He is the one who gives the hours in which to do the tasks.  He is a God of peace, and a God of provision.  He longs for us to fling ourselves onto Him, to listen to Him, and also to let Him know our hearts.
Today I'm joining with Ann and the others to give thanks for the things I'm learning and seeing and finding:
*  I don't have to feel desperate...only desperate for more Jesus.
*  finding a tennis ball in my bed
*  Nerf darts ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE.
*  Thursday - quiet, chores, freedom
*  fun time on Friday night with colleagues
*  little girl practicing her handstands
*  still-warm evenings - they are fleeting
*  a boy who suddenly wants to shower more often (hallelujah!)
*  friends who help with kids and schedules
*  knowing people are praying
*  dreaming big and crazy about the future


  1. God of peace, God of provision. Yes, He is. Yes, we need to be reminded.

    Thanks Kit!

    My only question is, who's the fine young lady for which the boy is showering? ;) j/k ... or am I?!

  2. What a privilege to "fling ourselves onto Him"... thanks for the encouragement today.

  3. Thank you Kit for putting things into perspective. This has been a hard week for me - feeling "behind" and not able to keep up. Surely there greater things to keep up with than laundry. Sometimes its hard to keep first things first so thanks for the reminder!

  4. Lisa, hope you are finding more rest in Him this week. So glad for the Lord's gentle (usually) reminders that He is enough!


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