Oh, where to begin, where to begin?
I've been away from the blog for almost a month, busy with weeks of travel to see family and family traveling to see us.
I've also had a week of just reading others' blogs and I've been filled up with wonderful wisdom, inspired writing, and challenging points of view.  Man, all you people out there are wicked smaht.
There is so much to share, so many fun memories just made, and I've been asking myself where in the world should I begin?
And, after some contemplative time away, I've come to the conclusion that there is really only one place to begin, one logical way to re-enter my blog.
I think it will appeal to a wide range of readers.  I hope you will find some real-life application for this.
Are you ready?
Because here is is:
THAT, my friends, is a homemade tattoo.  You can make one, too. Just get yourself a ballpoint pen and some mean drawing skills.  No, that is not a huge bruise on my son's back; it is a shadow.  Please note that the cowboy's lasso goes over the shoulder and onto the chest, as requested by the client.
A fire-breathing dragon, obviously.

Doesn't everyone name their biceps? 
I'm back, everyone!  Can't wait to get caught up with y'all!  (Yes, I just did write y'all, and I can do that because I lived in the South for eight years, and my husband is from Texas.)


  1. Hahahah, love the homemade tats! We'd make mustaches on our kids, too. Sometimes we'd use sharpie sometimes we'd use eye liner. Ok, hubby used sharpie. Men! lol

  2. haha awesome! I like to sketch, right? So one of my boys, who now lives on his own, gave me a call: "Mom, I'm doing a project. Can you sketch an angel for me, and email it?" "Sure." He sent it back, "Um, no...could you make it longer and more narrow?" "Okay." Sent it back. "No, more narrow." Finally the light went on: I'm sketching a tat! Whoa! "Oh son of mine, am I sketching a tat?" *Cough sputter* "Well-um-um...I am a man now, I live on my own." Ah, yes...

  3. OH Jodi...I can't handle that! You are very brave. I hope I am brave when my boys become men, on their own. Did he get the tat?!

  4. Great tats! Does anyone still have it on?


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