It wasn't my first choice to stay up until 1 am last night.  I was ready for bed about two hours before that.
But when my almost-teenage son and his newly-teenage best friend said that it would be "awesome" if I would stay up and watch a show with them, I admit that I jumped at the chance.  I'm relishing every moment that he thinks it is awesome to hang out with me while he and his friend act like goobers.
Very lovable and sweet goobers. 


  1. girl....get on your knees and thank HIM! this is AWESOME! and a great indication that not much will change as he moves through the teen years.... just keep talking....just keep talking.... :)


    (ps. isn't it just not right how their hearts are SOOOOO much more open after, say, 10pm??? don't they know we're getting OLD?)

  2. Those are the best days, and they go by so quickly. P.S. Don't miss my comment below. Just prepare yourself, heehee.

  3. Anytime my teenage son actually wants to spend time with me, I consider pure gift.


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