Nuevo Mexico

 Walking around Taos is one of our favorite things to do while we're there.  My in-laws live not far from the Plaza (the center of town), so we like to just amble around and enjoy the town.  The hollyhocks are amazing.
 This shop is a highlight for the kids because it's full of funny little trinkets and cowboy gear.  The owner is a sweet man who loves to give the children little prizes.  Check out Walter's sweet get-up...
 Now you'll see why I love this place (cue the angelic chorus):  cowboy boots.
 If you know me in real life, you know that I have a thing for boots.  In fact, most of my footwear falls into one of two categories:  boots (for cold) and flip flops (for hot).  
This store sells lots of second-hand boots.  In fact, over the years, I've acquired a number of pairs there, some of my favorites.  This year, John said, "Well, we have to get you some boots at Horsefeathers this year."
"Oh, no," I replied.  "I've plenty of cowboy boots.  I don't need another pair."
Well, John wasn't so sure about that.  He brought along with him on the trip a really nice pair of his boots, ones that don't get much use.  In fact, I had been using them at a decoration in the corner of the dining room.  He went into the shop ready to trade his boots for a pair for me, provided I found some that I liked.  (Snicker.)  (As if I wouldn't find any that I liked.)
So, of course, I came home with a sa-weet new pair.  I'll have to show you soon. 
Here's the little display in front of the store, on the raised wooden sidewalk, just like the Old West.
We were also in Taos for the beginning of the annual Fiestas de Taos, a celebration of the Hispanic heritage of the area.  New Mexico is a fascinating blend of three cultures:  Anglo, Spanish and Native American.  These Fiestas highlight the influence of Spain, and subsequently Mexico, on this part of the world.

And here is just a gorgeous shot of the beauty of New Mexico, perhaps my very favorite state.  The sky!  The clouds!  The mountains!  That paint horse!  Glory!


  1. My favorite state too, especially when you guys are there.


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