An illegal walk

On our last morning in Taos, John and I got up early and went on a walk.  We wanted to visit La Morada, a small chapel just up the road from my in-laws house.  Long ago, the penitentes (an enclave within the Catholic church) used to make pilgrimage to this place in order to do penance.  The structure has no windows so that the ceremonies could be completely private.
The land here abuts the Taos Pueblo land; we didn't realize til the end of our walk, that we had spent a good part of our time unwittingly trespassing.  


  1. wow, beautiful shots! Reminds me of a lot of Georgia O'Keefe paintings. The atmosphere is so different than up here!

  2. Great photos! The black cross is the subject of Georgia O'Keefe's first painting.


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