End of summer

Birthdays we will celebrate this weekend:

Hurricanes expected to blow through in the next three days:

Items we have checked out from the public library:
74 (Oh. My.  How will I ever find them all?  I always say that my fines are the way I support the library.)

Children in my house yesterday afternoon:

Adorable infants we babysat yesterday:

Random and funny questions my children ask:
pretty sure it's 70,000 

Minutes left I have to write this post:

It's going to be a crazy weekend around here!  Hope I'll get to share a bit later on.
Happy Friday, my friends!


  1. Have a fun weekend. I hope the hurricane is significantly weak by the time it gets up to your area. We believe our family paid for our library's renovations with our fines :)

  2. Jodi, it's a great way to support literacy and community, don't you think?! ;)


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