Backing up

I thought I would back up a bit and let you in on our weeks away with family, and here with family.
After picking up the boys from camp, we came home and I did a million loads of stinky laundry.  Two days later, we left for New Mexico.  We had two weeks there and in Colorado, with John's family.  Then home again for one night, and off to Maine to meet up with my mom and dad.  We had one fun week with them on the lake, and another great week of exploring here at home.  A pretty great summer, I'd say!
Here are some of our days spent in Colorado, where we celebrated Clay's 11th birthday!
Beautiful, gorgeous Colorado!  Doesn't it just make you want to sing a John Denver song? 
Theo and me, floating down the San Freezing Juan River, near Pagosa Springs.
With Clayton on his birthday.  Happy 11!

Clayton and his Manka (that means Grandma) made his birthday cake and boy, was it yummy!

I guess they get a little bored up in Northern New Mexico.  "Hey, let's go shoot the sign for Cumbres Pass!"
This was our sweet ride.  Oh yeah, baby!!
Tia Luz and Lucy
I'm pretty sure this was called the Conejos River.  We saw a snake there.
After our Colorado sojourn, we had a few more days in lovely Taos.  I'll show you some more tomorrow!


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