That darn mouse

Ya see that up there?  That is am EMPTY mouse trap!  That stinkin' mouse had the audacity to:
1.  climb up on the stove in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY and poop in a pot of left-over Annie's mac and cheese.
2.  run across from the dining room to this corner yesterday IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.
But will he be caught?  Will be come and eat the delicious peanut butter on this death trap?  No.  He has defied me for days.  
In the past, I had great success with the peanut butter mouse trap.  But, perhaps this one has a more discerning palate.  What do you think he is waiting for?  Gouda?  Havarti?  A lollipop?
In other news, today we are picking up the guys from camp.  I can't wait to hug them and embarrass them in front of their friends (just kidding - but I am going to hug them.  And smooch them.).
In other other news, I am reading this book.  It's good; not my usual read, but quite interesting and came recommended to me by one of my usual book recommenders.  
What are you reading this summer?  Let's do a book post soon!


  1. EEEK! Mice freak me out. I hope he dies soon! Yuck.

  2. we have a little mouse friend too. we did catch his family members...but this one guy seems to be picky about peanut butter too. i've moved onto cheese puffs...who doesn't love a cheese puff?

    I'm re-reading some of my Anne Lamott favorites...Thoughts on Faith is the current pick.

  3. i have a big, fat orange tom cat i can loan you? he's worth his weight in gold, in the area of critter extermination. {he earns his keep!}


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