We are visiting John's parents in New Mexico.  While I didn't grow up in this state, I am from just one state over (not really the same thing in the Southwest as it is in New England, given how much more space there is in between things out here).
I love this landscape:  the big sky, the cloud formations, the ability to quickly tell which way is North (no dang trees in the way), the dry air, the architecture, the dust, the afternoon monsoons.
We went on a hike into the Rio Grande gorge the other day.  While the sign called it a "moderate" hike, we found it quite challenging to climb up almost a mile at 7000 ft above sea level!  Our little lungs were challenged!
But we all did it, and felt so accomplished afterwards.
As you look at these pictures, try to imagine the smell of sun-dried pine needles.  That is one of the smells of home to me.
This is where the Red River and the Rio Grande join.

The desert girl finds water!  Not such a big deal in New England, but such a luxury in the desert. 
This spring runs down to the Rio Grande.

A little meditation in the middle of the water fall.


  1. OHHHHHH, KIT. these are SO very breath-taking. I've never been anywhere even remotely close. i can only live it in pictures.... exquisite! what fun to do as a family, after picking up kiddos :) Enjoy your trip!

  2. Yay! Family vacation. I'm glad you all got to travel together and to such beautiful country. Thanks for sharing the pictures! You all look so well and fresh. :)


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