Woooo boy

I keep meaning to update this here blog and yet...and yet...somehow I haven't done so in over a week!
There's been a lot going on.  We have some dear old friends in town from Switzerland, and we had the pleasure of hosting one of their daughters for a few days last week.
We checked out the aquarium.  

Yes, you can TOUCH the sting rays and even SHARKS in this new touch tank!!
Then we played in the cool fountain down the street.

I really really love our city in the summer!  In fact, I love summer in general because I get to see scenes like this:  two kids snuggled on a sofa on a lazy morning, reading and relaxing.  The only not-so-great part in the picture below is the need for the fuzzy bathrobe and the woolen quilt.  June in New England...it's hit or miss. 


  1. hahaha! love this, kit! can you send the woolen quilt and warm/fuzzy south??? we're dying here.... hey-- scott and i are trying to get a weekend away to Boston soon :) he's ALWAYS wanted to go! you guys up for a date?

  2. Hey Kit, just popping in to say hello. Glad you're enjoying your summer. I have to say that all your kids are adorable, but your Lucy really cracks me up :)

  3. Thanks, Jodi! Lucy is something else...quite a character.


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