Where the boys are

They're at camp!  For two weeks!  I really miss them already!
Theo had a bit of a hard time when we left him, but we feel pretty sure that he got over it and is having a great time.  Of the three boys, he was the most excited to get to camp, even though it is his first time to attend.
Here's what getting ready for camp looks like:
Sunday after church we drove them up to camp.  Of course, we had to make a stop at a certain place because we still needed a few items.

 We arrived at camp, had all the boys checked out by the nurse, dropped their stuff at their cabins and then they went down to the water for the swim test.  I was able to get Theo and Clayton all set up in their cabins, with sheets on the bed and their clothes stored on the shelves.  Walter, however, was on his own, so who knows if anything will actually be taken out of the duffel bag?!
Each boy has at least two friends in his cabin, which is amazing!  It should especially be a help for Theo, being new to camp.
Theo shed a few tears when we left, which I think was mainly due to being tired and worried about his swim test.  Just say the word "test" and it makes poor Theo a bit anxious.  He so badly wants to do well and please everyone, including himself, and he can be very hard on himself.  But he bravely walked over to join his cabin-mates at the first official camp meeting.

 So in a week and a half we will go pick up our Badger, our Porcupine and our Beaver.  I love that they have this time away, this time to experience things that are purely their own.  But I will be SO glad to get them back (and all their stinky laundry!!).


  1. I just hope and pray they do not follow the examples of my boys - returning home with brand new toothbrushes still in packaging and soap still in wrapper ;)

  2. Boy, that packing scene looks familiar! And, I remember the first year my son went to camp--I think he wore the same clothes all week! Ah, good times, good times!


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