Last Monday of the school year

Waking up was so painful this morning.  Thank goodness for coffee and sunshine coming in the window.
Two more days of making four lunches and then eight more days of making two lunches.  Can you tell that I'm looking forward to a break from this chore? 

Walter doesn't get the cool divided container; not cool enough for him.  ;)

Best time of the week to be grateful is NOW, when I'm exhausted and ready for the world to stop.  My struggles are so very small.
Still counting out the ways He shows how He loves:

* three days of perfect weather over the weekend
* quaint New Hampshire villages
* scaring the pants off the middle-schoolers on our retreat... hee hee!
* exploring a creek with my colleague and hearing her story of redemption
* cooking with 8th graders...quite funny.
* children wanting to be right up next to me during church
* loving and encouraging my children
* watching Clay loft a beautiful goal over the goalie's head
* sweet-smelling blooms outside on our overgrown shrub
* hanging out with the neighbors
* managing a crazy Saturday on my own
* the last crazy Saturday of the spring
* coffee (did I mention that before?)
* sleeping bags and blankets
* flip flop season
* reconciliation

Blessings to you this Monday, my friends!  May your count the ways He loves you, too.


  1. i am with you on the lunches! love those containers, though -- might have to get those next year...


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