It's June?!

Already?  I have to say I'm glad, for May was full of craziness.
The crazies aren't over yet.  Tonight is our learning expedition night!  I've been dreaming of black foam board, color copies, and collating mistakes (that part was real; I left out a page in our final product frustrating).
Seems like forever ago, but how did your Memorial Day weekend go?  Ours was fun, but a bit busy for my taste.  My colleague and I spent about 8 hours working on get things together for tonight; John had to work a good bit, too. As you'll see below, we also did Walter's earthquake simulations science experiment (I've got the sore muscles and blisters to prove it!), made sun tea, and ate some delicious watermelon.  Speaking of which, I've been thinking lately that watermelon is proof of God's love for us, don't you think?  So beautiful, full of water, delicious and fun to eat.

It's that time of year when it feels like summer, but you still have to get up early for school.  It's so hard to make the children come in from outside when all they want to do (and rightly so) is jump on the neighbor's trampoline, play catch and get in water fights.  But the mornings are so grumpy if we don't get to bed!  
Lucy, Walter and I have just a few days left of school; Theo and Clayton have until the 17.  And even that is about a week before the public schools get out!
Hope to take some good photos of tonight's event; the kids are excited about sharing their learning with grown-ups!
Have a wicked awesome Thursday!


  1. You have a wicked awesome Thurs too, Kit! We too are anxiously awaiting the last day of school ... next Tuesday. Yay!

    yes, watermelon, proof of God's love. I'm with you. We've consumed 2 already, with a third waiting to be cut today. And I've got our 2nd huge pitcher of sun tea in the fridge to start drinking today.

    Love those photos. Happy summer to you!!!! Prayers for all you need to finish the school year well.


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