Celebrating Papa

 We celebrated our Papa today with our inaugural grilling for the summer, and a fun gift. 
However, as John is not actually MY dad, I want to take a minute to say that I have the best dad on the planet.  He is the MOST patient man I've ever met.  He is a great writer, a good friend, and would do pretty much anything for his kids.  I'm so grateful for his influence in my life, and his influence in my children's lives.
My dad is also kind of big deal.  He would never ever brag, but he's a professional musician, has made records and you can read all about his amazing travels in his younger days in this book

So here is the inside of the card we made for John today.
Father’s Day Interviews
with Your Children
June 19, 2011

1.  Papa is really good at __________________:
   Lucy:  reading and I hope when I’m a grown-up I can     read just like him.  And he’s really good at math.
   Theo:  cooking, especially steak and fish.
   Clayton:  making steak and being nice.
   Walter:  cooking steak and identifying music.

2.  The best thing about Papa is _____________:
   Lucy:  he’s good at preaching and I hope someday he’s done with his job and then can get another job.  I think he should be on TV so he can be famous and have a cooking show.
   Theo:  he’s awesome.  He’s really friendly and he socially interacts with people.
   Clayton:  he’s really nice and friendly and loving.
   Walter:  he’s funny and he’s my dad.

3.  If I could give Papa anything in the world, I would give him ___________________________:
   Lucy:  something from my room that I don’t play with.
   Theo:  a vegan cookbook and a doggy.
   Clayton:  a motorcycle because they are cool and I think he wants one.
   Walter:  a gigantic, really nice grill (but not a gas grill).

4.  Papa is like ___________________:
   Lucy:  Uncle Clay because he is very silly.
   Theo:  a dog because he is so friendly.
   Clayton:  horseradish because he is smooth but also rough and spicy.
   Walter:  a Papa.

5.  My favorite thing to do with Papa is _____________:
   Lucy:  go to the mall and get me stuff and get Chick-fil-A and snuggle.
   Theo:  eat out and watch a movie.
   Clayton:  go shoot guns and play football and eat steak.
   Walter:  play catch and eat and go to a movie.

We love you, Johnny!


  1. LOVE the kids' answers to those questions. Such a cool card idea.

    "live poultry fresh killed" - always loved driving by that sign!

  2. This was great! Papa is like horseradish? Priceless! And, yes, Yes! One of these days we're going to meet for reals. I just know it.


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