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Lucy's and my school held it's annual Jogathon this past Saturday.  This is one of our main fundraisers of the year.
Theo and Clayton decided they wanted to gather sponsors, as well, and run for Covenant School.  So on a cool and cloudy morning, the Covenant community gathered for its 20th annual Jogathon!
I have to admit that our first year being involved with Covenant, I did not have a very high opinion of the Jogathon as a smart method of raising funds.  But I very soon discovered that the Jogathon is much more than it seems on the surface.  
The strengths of such an event are many:  students set goals for running and goals for fund raising; whole families can participate, no matter their age or ability; older students set examples for and encourage the younger students.  
Jogathon is a great day of community and encouragement.  This year, Clayton really rose to the challenge and ran 5.75 miles.  Theo ran 3 miles and Lucy ran 3.5 miles (even though she was PRETTY grumpy and complaining for the last 30 minutes of the run).


  1. kit, this is amazing. after 2 laps, someone would have had to come peel me off the track :(
    and Lucy...for real? those are REALLY small legs! this is awesome!


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