Thankful even though I'm in a blump

John coined a new term last night. 
I told him that I feel like I'm in a blog slump.
"Oh," he said, "you're in a blump?"
Yep.  Feels like a blump.
HOWEVER, a blump is really one of the best times to keep on being grateful.  
This morning, ANOTHER cold and rainy day for us here in Boston, I MADE myself go to the list and write some things down.
It helps; it really really does.

I'm so thankful to the Father this week for these things:

* sleep
* Jesus' energy - Colossians 1:29
* Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians (or, Georgia Electric Power Company, the mnemonic I learned in college to help me remember!)
* one sunny day
* hot water
* plenty of food to eat
* clean water all the time
* our car
* a reliable bus system
* first-world problems
* meeting friends on the street
* showering and getting clean
* new babies stretching!
* Philippians 4:8 - whatever - this blog
* blog beauty that inspires; it's amazing!
* Bobby and Suzanne, our sweet and kind neighbors with four kids, flip-flopped from ours - three girls and a boy!


  1. Blump. I like it. We use the word 'blost' to refer to blog posts. It's difficult to write a blost when you're in a blump. Yes, indeed, it is.

    Love reading your lists and being thankful with you!

  2. Haha, great new word! I've certainly experienced that...keep it up, though. I love reading!

    To answer your question...Yes, I am working at New Hope next year! I'm so stinkin' excited! I'll be teaching two days a week, middle/high school art and some workshops for younger kids. Can't wait. ;)

  3. Even in a blump your words are inspiring. I learned Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians by "Go Eat Peaches & Cream"

    Love you even in a blump,
    Your biggest fan

  4. I lived in North Georgia and learned the Georgia Electric Power Company mnemonic when I was I high school 34 years ago. It's strange what little things stick with you for a lifetime, while at the same time I can't remember someone's name to save my life!


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