PB and J

Some of you may not know that my husband is a music fanatic.  Ask him pretty much any new band, and he's heard of them.  He LOVES music and he loves CDs.  He is old school and buys actual CDs.  I mean, the round shiny things you put in a CD player.  Anyone use those anymore?

Anyway, all I know about popular music I learned from John.  Just ask him anything, I'm not kidding, he'll know!  Try it.  

So we've all been jamming in the minivan to this new record by Peter Bjorn and John (PB and J).  They're from Sweden and so much fun to listen to.
Here, have a go.  This first one is Lucy's favorite song on the album.  I mean, who wouldn't love a song in which one of the main lyrics is "All art had been contemporary"?

This one is Theo's favorite song.  Check out the guy with the blue hands.  Can you dig it?


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