Memorial Day Weekend so far

Spring has officially arrived here in Boston!  The past few days have been warm and beautiful.  I'm so glad to wear flip flops (though my toes are not really flip flop ready...must remedy) and feel warm all the time.  What a treat!
My house is a wreck!  Cleaning up always means that things get REALLY crazy and chaotic before they get better.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Today I washed a bunch of winter things to get them ready for putting away.
John and I got away last night for a quick date at a lovely little restaurant over in Belmont.  We scored a table on the patio and watched all the traffic going by, and the people walking by with their strollers, dogs and ice cream.  It was a balmy evening and we finally had a chance to really talk without interruption about the future, our hopes, our worries, where we see ourselves in the coming decades.  So thankful for that time.
I love this time of year when all the children are outside playing, the windows are open, I can hear voices floating up to the kitchen and neighbors are outside chatting.  Today was like that.



  1. Yay for spring! Love the pics as always. So you wash your winter things before you put them away? I'm so sick of winter woolens (and winter) that I just toss them in the storage bin and wash them in the fall. Shameless, I know. Don't tell anyone ;)

  2. Love the pictures, Are the purple flowers in Lucy's pic Lilacs? It made me remember my Mother's day trips to visit you guys. Great time of the year! Enjoy,


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