Anna Banana

Last week I had the great pleasure of meeting up with a childhood friend who I hadn't seen since probably middle school or maybe high school (in passing).
Anna and I were in church choir together for years.  We never went to the same school, maybe had one or two play dates that I can remember.  Our connection was church choir and the wonderful director we had for many years, a man who taught us so much about music and lead us to become a group that could really sing.
I remember when our choir director told us that he and his family (who were also good friends) would be moving far far away for a new job.  I remember several of us shedding tears of bewilderment.  How could he leave us after all that we had learned and achieved?  It was heart-breaking for us.  I think Anna and I would have been in middle school at that point.
Anna and I connected on Facebook a few years ago, so I feel that I've been able to meet her family, at least a little bit.  She has a handsome husband, and two sweet little girls.
Meeting up with her felt as though no time had passed.  We chatted easily, laughed together, she showed me some of the work that brought her to my city.  It was an encouragement to me to connect with her after so many years.
Our original plan to meet up on her very short trip was foiled by a flight delay.  On her last afternoon, she called to say that she had a few hours before her flight (delayed again!) and could I meet up?  I hemmed and hawed internally for a little while, as John was not home and I would have to cobble together some way to take care of the children while I snuck away.  
"Is it worth the effort?" I wondered.
"Are you kidding?" was my own reply.  "You may never have the chance again to meet up with this sister from your childhood!"
Our parents still live in the same town, but odds are so slim that we would ever visit at the same time.
Anna is a gem, JUST the same as I remember her.  I'm so very grateful for the time to see her again!  What a gift!


  1. So glad you went for it. Don't you think these sweet friendships are just a foretaste of heaven?

  2. I'm glad you went for it, too. BTW, since you and Nancy both live in the great Northeast, you guys should get together and drive down here for a visit hehehe

  3. ooo, Jodi, I like the way you think!
    Nancy, I absolutely agree...foretaste of heaven...amazing.


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