Wait, wait, I'm thankful!

Really wanted to join Ann and the others in Multitude Monday yesterday, but by the time I had a minute to think, my brain had expired. 
No, really, it didn't work anymore.
But I am still counting gifts and so grateful to the Father that He doesn't leave us like we are!

This week I'm grateful for:
* our church community group and praying for each other
* amazing sunrises and that I get to see them!

* good talks with almost-teenager (thanks to all those Love and Logic tips, it went well!)
* people with more wisdom than I who counsel
* working on our upper school play...performance this weekend!
* umbrellas and rain boots
* little people playing in the dirt and mud
* neighbors
* being able to ride bikes again!
* putting away the snow boots (I really hope this is warranted!)
* roasting chickens in the oven
* hosting our dear friends from Zimbabwe tonight!
* husband who is getting healthier and healthier (but please don't become a vegan!  I don't know if I can handle that! hee hee!)
* women's retreat this weekend and time with the ladies

*  Jesus with his disciples in the boat in Matthew 8; He's in the boat!


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