This is no joke

Here's is our very own April Fools' joke!  It snowed about six inches last night and this morning.  I must say, it did look quite lovely this morning as the trees were all coated in the heavy, wet snow.

 Did you play any tricks on anyone today?  My 7th and 8th graders were VERY into playing all kinds of tricks at school today, but I think I actually pulled off the best one!  I had two other students in on it with me.  We wrote a fake homework assignment on the board, as if it had been there since our last class and it was due today.
When class started, I asked to see every one's homework and you should have heard the protesting:  "But...I didn't see that!", "How did I miss that?  I never miss the homework!" 
There was some frantic scribbling during our break and it was so hard not to give it away.  It was AWESOME when we finally said, "April Fools'!!"  Hee hee.

Hope you all are looking forward to a great weekend.  I am certainly ready for a little bit of time with my people and my home (and my laundry).


  1. I know! I'm glad it was nice and sunny today to melt all of that awful April snow! :)

  2. I cannot believe you guys had snow!! The April Fools before we moved to Cambridge, I convincingly told Ben that my sister and her Chihuahua were "temporarily" moving in with us to our grandiose 2 bedroom apt. It was hilarious. He loves my sister, but the thought of all 6 of us in one tiny apartment was too much for him! One of those moments that I wish I had on tape...

  3. what beautiful pictures ... if you email me I will have my husband send you the Man-hood ceremony stuff he did for Jeremiah's 13th ... blessings, Gwen


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