She was mad

Lucy had one of her most epic tantrums yesterday.  I'm not completely sure what brought it on, but it seems to have been a combination of unfilled expectations (I didn't have the ipod with her stories on it), disappointment (I had just picked her up from a fun play date) and fatigue (she had been up past 9 pm the night before, which is like midnight to a girl who has no problem retiring for the night at 6:30 pm).
I put her in the car, and she was screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", kicking the seats, punching her booster seat, and carrying on.  Nothing I hadn't seen before.
But I knew this tantrum was special when she said that she didn't like Mama, she didn't like Papa, she didn't like brothers or anyone.  As we drove by a soccer field, she cried for me to drop her off there all by herself. 
But the best was when she said, "I don't like Mama!  And I don't like the BIBLE!!"
Ooo, she was really going in for the kill with that one.

It took all the way from her friend's house to Walter's school for her to calm down.  She was still mad when we arrived.
But her heart miraculously changed when we got out of the car to go find Walter in the library.
As she skipped toward the door of the school, she turned to me and said, with some real regret, "I'm sorry for my tantrum, Mama" and she gave me a good hug.
I love that she was able to come to that all on her own.  Man, it is not really easy to admit our own shortcomings, is it?


  1. Ah, yes...the days of epic tantrums. Just the other day, I informed one child that the other two chilluns rarely had an epic tantrum, while said child more than made up for their lack of temper...This was hilarious--she knows which buttons to push (Bible comment)! Love you, Kit!!!

  2. Take notes. Sometimes epic tantrums come back in teenage form. Remember what you're learning now about how to deal with them. Often the cure is the same--a long nap and a healthy snack. And breathing constant prayer. Obviously.

  3. Wow! That's so amazing. Beautiful little story of repentance and asking forgiveness. I need to hang with Lucy to learn from her. :)

  4. I laughed at the Bible comment. They really know how to go for the gold, especially girls with their moms. Speaking from experience :)
    But that tender heart she has prevailed.

  5. Kerry, I think I know which one of your kids you're talking about...but I won't say. :) Lucy is by far NOT the worst tantrum giver in this family.

    Nancy, good advice. I am beginnging to see this in our almost 13 year old, who could have won any tantrum contest back in his day. Oh Lord, use his passions for something good!

    Heather, wish you were going to see Lucy this weekend!

    Jodi, the other day, when Lucy was stomping around about something else, one of my sons looked at me and said, "Just imagine. Some day she is going to be in MIDDLE SCHOOL!" I've been praying for my relationship with this daughter since she was born!!! EEK!

    Thanks for commenting, friends!


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