She was mad redux

Lucy had another tantrum the other evening.  This time it had to do with dinner and the fact that I would not let her go back outside to play with Jack, our neighbor.
She sat on the stairs yelling about all the people she doesn't like.
When it came to objects instead of people, she went for the MUCH stronger word, "HATE".  Not a word I condone in our home; I would have corrected her, but I thought it was not quite the right moment.
"I'm not eating dinner!  I HATE dinner!  I'm NOT going to school!  I HATE school," she screamed.
But, as they say, you cannot keep a good woman down, and she just couldn't lie about hating school.  This is the kid who is disappointed when she finds out the next day is not a school day.  So she kind of whimpered, "Well, sometimes I like school," but then at full volume, "But I'm NOT going to school!"
Sigh.  Then it all just turned into sadness and she started crying, "Mamaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Oh, little baby with the sunny disposition.  How I love you!


  1. mercy, girl. be careful. they get (much) bigger. Yelling at/or otherwise "punishing" momma is serious business.

  2. Your comment brought me up short, Tabitha. I need to make sure this does not become a pattern. What is funny now will not be later.

  3. Yuck-- no intent to bring you up "short"! you are a fabulous momma and i read your blog b/c you INSPIRE me. I meant to make you FEEL COURAGE. (the not-so-good part of no verbal inflection in -only- words)

    Be encouraged that the teen years can be so much fun and so very peaceful! it IS possible! i KNOW that you listen to and otherwise "hear" your kids. if you are doing that, you deserve to be treated with careful (and mutual) respect.... and it is such a huge job to train in the "little" years. It's ok to insist on it:) You will reap it 1000 times! (so will she!)

  4. I know you didn't mean to offend! Yes, here's the problem with words and no facial expressions or voice inflections! :)
    I just felt convicted is all, as I think I should.
    You are really such a great encouragement to me, and I respect what you have to say, as you and Scott walk with faith and wisdom AND you've gone where I've not yet been.
    THANK YOU for the encouragement, sister! Love you!

  5. oh kit... i've missed you. i love your mama-heart. how you let her vent. she needed this. it takes such grace to let our little ones be themselves. (and thank you for recommending that book! i'll look into it!) love e.

  6. Hey lady,
    I would love to see you at the Blogger Mixer and Fashion Exchange, If you're around next week.



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