Counting on Easter Monday

Thank goodness for a Easter Monday off of school!  
Yesterday was a wonderful one.  As is customary for us, all the boys headed off to the sunrise service (which started at 5:45 AM!!) while Lucy and I and Uncle Clayton and Robin slept a bit more.
We had a bit of delicious breakfast and I made a few preparations for our Easter dinner.

 The boys came back from church, we had our Easter baskets.  Then we all headed back to church.

Church was FULL and we sat in the balcony.  The music was wonderful; I felt so thankful for the Word and the sacrament, and the chance to rejoice all together.
We had a post church photo session (which turned out all blurry because SOMEONE in OUR FAMILY turned the camera to manual focus!) and finished up our dinner prep.

Of course we are always so happy to have Uncle Clay and Robin with us.  We're so glad they always make the bus trip to be with us.
As it fitting after such a day, I will continue with Ann and the others to count all the ways the Father has blessed and continues to bless.  These are from the family list this last week:

* Fenway Park
* skyscrapers
* how good the doctors are in Boston
* how nice the people are at the Aquarium
* Theo's friend, Matthew
* Uncle Clay
* food
* Pillow Pets (no, we don't have any.  but we can still be thankful for them!)
* the dentist (this from Clayton who had an emergency tooth extraction while in Texas...more later)
* having breakfast with Lucy...always Cheerios
* going to the grocery store early
* quiet, rainy morning while everyone sleeps 
* all sports being canceled on Saturday (a true gift to this Mama!)
* glitter in Lucy's hair
* all the church services of Holy Week
* the empty tomb...death is dead!


  1. love the list, the post, everything!

    Elizabeth has wanted a pillow pet for ages; I think they're a racket and won't pay for them personally. But they got them from my in-laws for Easter (which was totally fine with me; my sweet MIL checked to make sure, even.) Elizabeth keeps saying, "My dream came true!" Grammy just scored major points - though she hardly needed to. :)

    Happy Easter! So glad you got an additional day off yesterday.

  2. Sounds like you all had a great Easter! I love your family picture, even in it's blurriness. :) Blessings!


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