A whole new funny

If you are a child of the 80s as I am, you may have watched "The Cosby Show" and "Family Ties" on Thursday nights at some point in your growing up.
Thanks to Netflix, we've been watching episodes of "The Cosby Show" all together and it. is. awesome!
Our kids think the Huxtable kids are hilarious, the 80s clothes and hair are so fun, and Bill Cosby is just genius.
But what John and I have discovered is that watching now as parents is a whole new funny!  Now we relate to Cliff and Claire Huxtable in a way we couldn't have back when we were teenagers.
Here's a little taste: 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bill Cosby and The Cosby Show! Corinne has been watching it too, the earlier seasons when Rudy is young because she likes those best. Here are links to two of my favorite episodes, both of which feature Theo.



    Also "Bill Cosby: Himself" is hilarious, especially where he talks about the children's bedtime routine. I've seen him do stand up twice. Awesome.

  2. We just got the Electric Company dvds from the library - the originals from the 70s. Super fun! Cosby's in there too!!!! (And MOrgan Freeman!)

  3. hahahaha! my kids have them memorized & watch almost every day.
    PS> you can buy the whole series @ Best Buy. Makes a super birthday or Christmas present.

    my guys love the whole OB daddy/5 kids thing. a whole new vantage point. their favorite episode is the one where sondra delivers the twins. Hilarious!

  4. oh i CANNOT WAIT to watch this show with our kids. and this shirt episode truly is one of the best... laughing.so.hard.


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