Today I snuggled with a five-year-old girl and her pink blanket. She smelled like a Cheerio.  I want to remember that.

Today my eight-year-old boy felt sick all day at school, but managed weakly to tell me on the way home that "the good part about today is that I finished my math test" (a challenge for him).  So glad he could find the thing to be grateful for in the midst of his misery.

Today I folded laundry and eavesdropped on my ten- and twelve-year-old boys as they talked in their beds in the dark.  I liked hearing them talk about dreams they've had and things they wonder about.

Today I am grateful for all the things the Lord gave me to do, from teaching to cleaning up vomit to meeting with other parents to tucking all my children into bed to loving my husband.


  1. I somehow bunny trailed today and found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I was touched by your post of finding gifts in the midst of simple or ordinary things.

    "She smelled like a Cheerio. I want to remember that."

    This one made me melt at remembering. What a precious time.


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