March begins with gifts

Well, I'm a day late for Multitude Monday, but it's never too late to list the ways He loves us.
The sun is not yet up, the kitchen is cold and I'm feeling a tinge of my usual winter dread about the morning.  Two minutes of prayer with my dear husband before he got on the bus really helped.
Just now outside the kitchen window I heard a small squeaking noise in competition with the refrigerator's hum.  I thought maybe it was a bird, and if it was, I want to hear it!
I slowly slid the window up just a crack, and there on the bare branches below our kitchen sat a papa cardinal, singing his heart out.
I let the cold air breeze by my face as I listened to him until he flew away.
I'm so glad for that little gift this winter's morning.  I know that spring will come, and that underneath all the piles of snow and ice, green things are making their way up through the dark earth.  I'm so grateful for that image, and pray that I can live in contentment until this winter truly ends, even while I hope with certainty that spring will come!

Continuing the list...
#1226 - 1238
* that God made little birds and that they're all different
* papa cardinal singing away in the pre-dawn twilight (what do you call it in the morning?)
* bare branches adorned with red berries against the snow
* two minutes to pray together before he zips out the door
* his prayers for me before we sleep, helping me to give the next day to God and not carry worries into bed with me
* that tomorrow will be anxious for itself; I can let my God carry that for me
* turning the page on the calendar - why is this so satisfying?  why do I want time to march on?
* shearling boots and shearling mittens
* sitting on my bed praying with a dear friend
* getting to talk about justification and sanctification with my 4th and 5th grade Sunday school class - so fun!
* how God knew just what children would be perfect for our family
* that God is always good and that I am always loved (thanks, Ann Voskamp
* sending Ann's book to a friend

There's more to share, but I've got to go rouse the clan and convince them that this is the day the Lord has made and that we should rejoice and be glad in it! 


  1. I'm trying to be grateful, too, Kit. The cold is not my friend. Birdsong does help to warm the heart.


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