He's back!

The good news is that Walter made it back!
The scary news last night was that he ALMOST missed his flight from Chicago.  My heart was in my throat when my phone rang ten minutes after his flight was to depart and it was him!  Poor kid.  Thanks be to GOD that he found where to go, the plane was held (the gate agent was not happy with him) and he is now safely back in our fold.  So so glad!
He had a wonderful time, did so many fun and special Arizona things.  Maybe he'll have some pics that we can share later.
Today was a good but tiring day at school.  My students were squirrely, squirrely, squirrely. Maybe it was the absolutely beautiful weather, or the fact that it is Friday, or a combination of the two.  In any case, by the time I left this afternoon, I felt like washing my hands of them.  Just for now.  I'm sure by Monday I'll be ready again!
I've been cleaning off the desktop computer and going through some photos.  Here are a few that I LOVE from two years ago today:

Where did my baby go?!  I miss those tights, that little skirt, those tiny brown sparkle sneakers, as well as the chubby fingers.  She can still pout like that, at least.
We are just beginning the spring season of sports craziness, as Walt had a baseball practice today.  Theo starts a session of swimming tomorrow, and soon we'll add in two soccer players, and a few more swimmers.  Walt plans to play baseball at school as well as for the town team; I hope we can make it all work!  
I hope to check in this weekend again!


  1. Our son nearly missed a connection in Dallas. We were texting furiously, and our last message from him was "I'm a foot from the plane." Then he went dark. We held our breath for a very, very long time, hoping he'd gotten on the plane, they'd shut the door behind him and made him turn off his phone so the plane could take off. It's moderately terrifying letting them go off, watching them learn to make their way in the world.

  2. Oh Nancy, it is certainly terrifying! The situation was very similar with our son. We said goodbye, the phone went dark, and I was just praying that they had made him turn off the phone immediately. SO glad he's back with us. I think he feels a bit embarrassed becasue he doesn't want to talk about it yet...someday it will make a good story for him.


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