Counting Gifts at the end of March

sunrise from our bedroom
It's hard for me to believe that it is the end of March!  March always seems like the longest month to me, so I'm kind of glad to see it go.  Why is that?  Why do I want time to go on?  Why do I want to move on?  As I've been learning from Ann, I want to learn to live fully right here in THIS DAY.  
In fact, I just practiced that by playing a game of Connect Four with Walter, and then by reading some Shel Silverstein out loud with Theo.  I'm thankful for those moments.

Count with me?

#1269 - 1282

* waking up
* having my husband; I'm really grateful for him
* sheets and blankets
* a good babysitter who plays with my children and makes them say, "Mom, it was so fun with Bernice!"
* baby showers
* new pregnancies announced
* still marveling at how wide the sidewalks are without all the snow and ice
* nail polish on little bitty finger nails

* 12-year-old who says, "Mom, you need a hug."  And then he hugs me!
* my warm knit tights and red boots
* being able to pay our bills
* boys reading poetry
* SUNSHINE IN MY WINDOWS, shining on my floors and warming us up
* playing Connect Four


  1. Those are some fingernails! And March really is the longest month--it always feels about 8 weeks too long for me!

  2. This is an amazing list. I love hugs from my little guy too.


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