Where o where

...is the underwear?
 This is a picture of an empty drawer.  It's a drawer that used to be full of boys' undergarments.
However, there was a problem with this drawer.  It was stuffed, overflowing with undergarments that were, um, shall we say...unused.  Lonely.  Just sitting in the drawer, waiting for their day.  I think you can understand what this means for the few pairs of underwear that were in actual rotation.  They were, shall we say, OVERUSED.

One day, in a fit of tidying rage, I decided to get rid of all the unused things in the boys' drawers.  This drawer got dumped in the storage space.
That's a whole lot of underwear that's fun (or not) to wear (name that 80's commercial).  
I wanted to see how long it would take them to notice that their underwear larder was bare.  
Sadly, it took much too long for them to notice.  I won't say exactly how long; just know that it was MUCH TOO LONG.

I love boys.


  1. yeah. boys are bad news in the hygiene department. i won't go into details :)

  2. Boys make no sense to their mommas. Just gotta love 'em!

  3. i can see it now, a few days later...hey, do you need some clean underwear? oh, well, there weren't any in the drawer, so whatever. at least that's the way it would probably play out at our house!


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