You like that title, don't ya?  Creative.

Today we're forcing two boys to get haircuts.  Here's how one boy is protecting himself.  He says he's now "haircut-proof".

 At least he's smiling, right?  Actually, now he's come to terms with the fact that the haircut will happen and he's asking for a mohawk.

We'll see what happens.

On another happy note, John and I get to GO ON A DATE tonight.  It's been months since we went out just us.  Not good.  But we have a VOLUNTEER babysitter (hooray!  hooray for S. Lints!) and I'm so excited.

OH, on another completely unrelated and random note, the Arizona Wildcats had a great basketball recruiting year.    Good news, good news.  It's all coming together, isn't it?

Now go have a great Saturday!


  1. do love your blog Kit, complete with photos. And I totally understand re boys and their haircuts. The trends I have been through and had to deal with. Wait until one of them wants dreads ;)

  2. Carol Anne, I'm so glad that you've been down this path before me. And they turned out okay, right?!


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