Out and about

Or for my Canadian friends, "oot and aboot".

Today we went tooling around our old stomping grounds on the North Shore.  We took a good friend with us.  "Big" Meghann has been in our lives since Clayton was a teeny tiny scrunched-up baby.  She came over when I went into labor with Theo.  She and her roommates used to come over EVERY Sunday night for dinner and to watch "Alias" with us.  And not many beautiful women would be able to graciously carry the nickname "Big" anything, don't you think?  We love her!


  1. We have friends who moved away from our church, and the pastor at their new place shares the same name as our pastor. They refer to them as Pastor Brad the elder and Pastor Brad the younger.

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  3. Hey Kit.. please tell Meghann I said hello! Love those beaches. We are talking about making a trip up there this summer... will talk soon...

  4. Jen, be sure to let us know when you might be around. It would so fun to get together!
    On another note, I've always thought a house swap would be fun...if you guys ever want to trade (you see Boston, we see DC), that could be fun, too.


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