My friend, The Naked Chef

I made one of my favorite winter comfort foods tonight:  risotto.  It was just a basic recipe with no extras (like peas or shrimp or mushrooms or pancetta), but was SOOO good!  Instead of white wine I used vermouth, which gave it a much richer flavor.
The recipe we've always used for risotto is from Jamie Oliver, our old friend.  I swear, I feel like I know that guy.  We used to watch "The Naked Chef" back in the day, and have many of his cook books.  
I think I like that he seems like such a regular guy.  He could be your neighbor -- your neighbor who happens to be a wicked awesome chef.  
Good old Jamie, always comes through in a pinch...
A few weeks ago, John MADE me watch a Jamie Oliver video about how to chop.  I couldn't find the exact video, but here is another one that's quite good.  
Tomorrow I'll tell you what lead up to my HAVING to watch the video.
Hope you learn something!


  1. oh. boo. i figured the 'naked chef' meant you had the newest "lucy" caper :) Boo!

  2. hahaha! so sorry to disappoint, Tab!!

  3. I LOVED Jaime Oliver and have most of his cookbooks. Then I read an interview he gave once where he said that he was glad he didn't live here because our whiney American accents would make him want to kill himself. Excuse me? Our relationship cooled after that. It took me awhile to forgive him. In the meantime, I forged a friendship with Nigella. She makes an awesome green pea risoto :)

  4. Ooo, Jodi. I had no idea. I feel a bit offended now, too. I've always loved Jamie and how he made me feel that I could really cook.
    I do love Nigella, as well. What is it about the British? I love Nigella's Guiness's a birthday staple here.


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