Mid-week snow day and birthday dinner

The weirdest thing happened this last week. 
It SNOWED!!  A lot.  And there was no school.

That same snow day also happened to be the birthday of a dear friend of ours.  Her loving husband was away on business, she was at home for the day with her cute baby, shoveling the heavy slop whenever her little one napped.  Not the ideal birthday.

It was time for an intervention.

I walked down to her house, told her I had a wonderful plan for her life and then escorted her and said baby through the most ridiculous snow banks to our house for dinner and cake.

I honestly couldn't tell you who had more fun.  Our children were THRILLED beyond belief to have friends over, especially one of our VERY FAVORITE babies.

We put the baby down in our pack-and-play, then enjoyed a lovely dinner prepared by John.  We followed that with birthday cake (of course!).  After a while, John de-iced the car and delivered our friends back to their snowy abode.

It was a wonderful night.


  1. You Standriges are a good bunch of eggs, I tell you - Christ is increasing in your family. What a blessing you are to all of your neighbors! :)

  2. OOH I want to come to your house for dinner!


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