23 February 2011

A lot to do

It's winter vacation week and Theo has a lot to do.
Yesterday morning he gave me a run-down of what he "had to do" before lunch:
1.  Throw the football into the couch a few times.
2.  Ask you a million times if we're going to New York.
3.  play Wii Fit Plus.
4.  download a song in itunes
5.  load songs onto the ipod shuffle
6.  ask you a million times if the ipod can be mine

Then after lunch he planned the following:
1.  ask if I can go to Matthew's house with a Wii remote
2.  go to Matthew's house and play Mario Cart
3.  ask you a million bazillion times if you can sign me up for lacrosse

He set right in on the plan by throwing the football into the couch a few times.  Then, after he asked me three times if we could go to New York, he said, "Mom?  When I said a 'million times' I was exaggerating.  If I really did that, it would take up all my time."
Yes, it would.  And it would drive me bonkers.

Later we were looking up Chuck Norris jokes online.  I warned the boys that we need to be careful what websites we look at because some of them might have bad words on them.
Lucy piped up, "Well, I can look at those words because I can't even read!"  Hee hee!


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  1. ha ha ha!!! I'm so glad Lucy can "not read" the bad words and that you're with your crew this week.

    God bless your time, friend.


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