A lot to do

It's winter vacation week and Theo has a lot to do.
Yesterday morning he gave me a run-down of what he "had to do" before lunch:
1.  Throw the football into the couch a few times.
2.  Ask you a million times if we're going to New York.
3.  play Wii Fit Plus.
4.  download a song in itunes
5.  load songs onto the ipod shuffle
6.  ask you a million times if the ipod can be mine

Then after lunch he planned the following:
1.  ask if I can go to Matthew's house with a Wii remote
2.  go to Matthew's house and play Mario Cart
3.  ask you a million bazillion times if you can sign me up for lacrosse

He set right in on the plan by throwing the football into the couch a few times.  Then, after he asked me three times if we could go to New York, he said, "Mom?  When I said a 'million times' I was exaggerating.  If I really did that, it would take up all my time."
Yes, it would.  And it would drive me bonkers.

Later we were looking up Chuck Norris jokes online.  I warned the boys that we need to be careful what websites we look at because some of them might have bad words on them.
Lucy piped up, "Well, I can look at those words because I can't even read!"  Hee hee!



  1. ha ha ha!!! I'm so glad Lucy can "not read" the bad words and that you're with your crew this week.

    God bless your time, friend.


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