I pity the fool

I betcha you don't have one of these guys in your house.
That's right.  That's Mr. T.  See, you can tell by his gold necklace.  And his super-tough, um...sneakers.
He's scary.  The boys' room is finally clean and Mr. T. is in there.
So, really, don't mess with it.  Or him.


  1. my kids LOVE all the old A Team's on Netflix! Micah is an A Team junkie :)

  2. hahahahaahahaha woah. that's awesome. did you make that with a cabbage patch doll? hilarious!

  3. Liz, I don't really know the story behind this doll...I inherited it from my mother-in-law when they moved houses. I think it's hilarious that he's wearing a little gold heart necklace. Hee hee!

  4. that is hilarious! it totally looks like a mr.T-ed cabbage patch kid


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