How to take a nap

Many blog readers send me emails asking, "How do you do such-and-such? Just how do you get it all done?"
Oh wait.  That's someone else's blog.

Anyway, today I will tell you how to take a nap.  Not just any nap.  I'm talking about a nap with Lucy, the snuggliest girl EVER.  

Here's how we do it.  You may want to bookmark this post for later reference.

First wait for Lucy to announce that she needs a nap.  Then follow these directions.

1.  Both get into little twin bed.  Get under covers.
2.  Put pink blankies in between you.
3.  Read two stories.  After second story, say that your eyes are getting very tired and you need to rest.
4.  Lucy will say that she just wants to have a quiet time while you sleep.  Agree to this.
5.  Fall fast asleep while Lucy plays with Barbies on the bed, "reads" books out loud to herself, and also sings many many songs at the top of her lungs, with lyrics like these:  "It's really gonna do it, it's really gonna do it, it's really gonna DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!"
6.  Barely wake up when Lucy announces, "Now I'm going to go to sleep."
7.  Lucy will then insert thumb, turn onto her side, snuggle into you and fall fast asleep.
8.  After you notice her breathing has slowed, you may get up and continue with your day.

It works perfectly!!


  1. I've taken similar naps while Elizabeth does her quiet time. She never falls asleep anymore, but certainly doesn't mind if I do! :)

    I liked your intro to this post. Made me smile.

  2. I am still laughing at the first line! Great strategy, sounds just like my nightitme routine with Karis (i think our two girls would get on splendidly!).

  3. i MISS these days. now i just tell my kids that (I) am going to take a nap, and to only get me if there's blood.

  4. that's how it works! I got stuck on step #2 and neither of us got a nap, such a rookie move...

  5. love this post! we do the same thing here, except he's a boy, so no barbies. and we usually watch tom and jerry instead of reading books. (no talking cartoons work the best for nap times:)


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