Happy Valentimes

A few years ago (was it last year?) Lucy called this holiday Valentimes.  Now I can't quit calling it that.  Additionally, I have recently been informed that they called it Valentimes on "30 Rock".  
What I want you to think about is this:  who was cool first, Lucy and me, or "30 Rock"?  Hmmm?

No better day than today to keep track of all the ways the Father shows His love for us.  We added to our list as a family last night...you might notice a few "interesting" items.

#1186 - 1210

* knee socks
* stories
* Jesus
* ice skating
* a good book
* back rubs
* Brazilian lunch after church
* L. Rogers, Theo's friend
* guns; they're cool (I told you it would get interesting)
* new babies at church
* red roses on the kitchen table
* warm beds
* cool lighters that look like blow torches (see what I mean?!)
* M. Barnes, Clay's friend
* a yummy dinner
* not having homework (this was more of a wish than something he's grateful for)
* new members at church
* blood
* very nice parents (I really didn't make them say this)
* the day Walter gets to go to college (Walter added this; had to remind that it's not a WISH LIST)
* newly engaged couple
* chocolate

* Chuck Norris and jokes of his ilk
* Cee Lo Green
* Lucy falling asleep on the sofa

Amen.  Grace to you and yours on this Valentimes night.  Sleep tight.


  1. This list is precious. My sons would agree about the coolness of guns. It sounds like you guys had a great Valentimes. Good Times. Good Valentimes.
    I'm done now.

    What's with all these food pictures? It seems like every valentines day post sends me to the brownie tray. HATE!
    Just kidding.

  2. Love the list.

    I always call it Valentimes Day (and it drives Colin crazy!) - it's a common kid mispronunciation, I think.

    Your kids are funny; what a blessing that they're learning to "think thankful"!


  3. Yours and Lucy's coolness definitely predates 30 Rock! I used to make those woven Scandinavian heart things. Seeing your picture made me happy. Happy Valentimes to you, friend!

  4. We have a little girl that calls it Valentime's Day too. So cute. We miss those great Brazilian after church lunches...


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