Weekend update

 Remember this sweet little bicycle shot from back in December?  I think I was documenting the first snow of the season.
Here's the bike now.  I am NOT even kidding.
 The amount of snow around is absolutely nuts.  It's fun and amazing and kind of hard to deal with all at the same time.
This fence is waist high on me.  So you can see how deep the snow has drifted.

Here is Lucy on a recent morning in our kitchen.
A great delight this week has been the ice skating rink that our neighbors have in their yard.  We've spent two fun nights with them and their kids skating under the twinkling lights.  Such a great way to get out and move and enjoy the winter.  
Of course, our neighbors are Canadian.  So they really know how to enjoy winter, right?

In other unrelated news, we had what I think was a VERY helpful meeting with Theo's teacher and principal and are praying that we will be able to encourage this little boy as he moves through his academic career.  It's been a very hard couple of weeks for him on many fronts.

Still haven't had a full week of school since Christmas break.  So while we are MOSTLY back into the swing of things, I still have discombobulated moments.  But it's all good.

Hope your Saturday has been great!


  1. that is a LOT of snow. Good grief!

    great news about Theo. We'll pray for him and for you all in authority over him.

    Can I just say how excited I am that I will SEE and TOUCH you in just a couple months?!?! Oh dear, that's soon, I better start working on those talks! :)


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