Thanks on a cold Monday

Keeping my list of the ways in which the Father shows His love.  He is so so kind.  
Would you consider keeping your own list, too?  I promise, it will change you.  
It's made me see Mondays in a whole new light.


* popping logs in the fireplace
* Compassion and praying for our kids
* my crazy, messed up house full of Legos, Nerf darts, Barbies, books, papers, and boots.
* mouse traps (uh, yes, I've used two with success in the past week!)
* frosted window panes
* mittens knitted by my mom
* shearling mittens!  THE BEST!
* my weakness, because it drives me to Christ
* sick day with 8-year-old and time to snuggle
* 12-year-old who loves to stay up late with us
* cold and bright days; today the radio said, "It's sunny and seven!"  Degrees. Fahrenheit. At 2 in the afternoon.
* script writing with my 7/8th graders
* the prayers of the people
* extra fine point black roller ball pens.  I'm not particular.
* anticipation of reading Ann's book; have you read it?  Are you going to?

Thou bruised and broken Bread,
My life-long wants supply;
As living souls are fed,
O, feed me, or I die.
 - John S.B. Monsell, 1866


  1. I read it! Oh my! Amazing! I just started reading it for the second time this morning. I think I may just read it everyday for the rest of my life...I need the constant reminder to give thanks, in ALL things. And it is just so beautifully, poetically written.


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