Take a little trip with me

Guess where we went this afternoon?
This place is so pleasing to the eye.  And the pocketbook.   And the tummy.

We went to buy new kitchen chairs, as ours are quite old, rickety and not worth mending (believe me, Mom, I looked into it...hee hee!).
This is what Lucy did when Theo announced, "Now we're going to have six chairs, one for each of us!!"  As if all these years some of us have been standing at meal times?!  I have no idea what he was talking about.  See how excited Lucy was about SIX CHAIRS!
 In case you haven't guessed yet, we went to Ikea.  I bought some Ikea frozen pizza to bring home for supper.  Walter quipped, "I didn't know the Swedes were pizza eaters."  
Oh yes, big pizza eaters, those Swedes.


  1. Oh, YES, this is a happy place for our family, too. I love to eat gravad lax. Does your Ikea have an "As is" sale room? We've scored some pretty cool stuff there.

  2. great pictures! Especially the zooming cart!


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