Snow Day Take 2

School was out again today!  Thankfully John could stay home with all the kids so I could keep my hair appointment.  The hair appointment is paramount; snow cannot keep me from my date with the other man in my life, Erik.
Here's the scene around our place today.  As you'll see at the end, all that snow play was so tiring that Lucy just made herself a little nest right on the landing and fell asleep.  Little lovey!


  1. You got the same ridiculous, crazy snow we did! Glad the chilluns enjoyed it to the utmost. And that you got to keep your hair appointment. I have a theory that most of the violent crimes that are committed result from people waiting to long to get their bangs out of their eyes. Really gotta keep those hair appointments.

  2. Yay for haircuts!
    Little Lucy birdie is soooooo cute! Great photos!


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