I'm just wondering this:
Why do Nerf guns need seating?  Why do they seem to always be on the sofa?  Or the comfy chair in the living room?  Why am I constantly removing them from where I want to sit?  
Do they sell gun racks for Nerf weaponry?  Because we are going to need one.
Oh see the nice Nerf gun in the comfy chair.  So warm and cozy by the fire.  So glad it's being taken care of.


  1. Nerf gun rack!?! That's genius!! You better jump on this before somebody steals your idea...

  2. This made me laugh! Real life with your boys. :) Nerf gun rack - great idea!!!!

  3. Boy, that chair looks comfy! I remember the days of stepping on Legos with bare feet. Ouch! But those days were over faster than I expected. Hang in there, mom! xo

  4. Buy yourself a marshmellow shooter so you can retaliate, then sneak attack :)
    BONUS: marshmellows cheaper than little orange darts and you don't feel guilty when you toss them from the floor (or under seat cushions) to the trash :)


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