Monday medicine

Today most of us start back to school.  I find it so hard not to dread getting back to the early mornings, the work, the pressures.
I am a homebody.  I like being at home.  I like not having to leave early in the morning.  Sometimes the mornings threaten depression and severe melancholy.

Last night as we were about to sleep John prayed for me and he prayed that I would find gratitude instead of dread this morning.

Thank goodness it's Monday and I can join with Ann and the others to remember the ways the Father loves me...even on a dark Monday morning when I have to think again about making lunches and lesson plans.  He has already been here to light the way.

#1101 - 1112

*  hot coffee early
*  new kitchen chairs - red and cheery and bought with birthday money
*  grace, grace - when I expect condemnation, there is grace
*  loving on each child in the way he or she needs
*  husband who prays for me
*  moving muscles and limbs
*  my preacher-man husband and his preaching!
*  decorating cookies together
*  friends dropping by with Christmas goodies
*  talking to my mama and dad on the phone - I miss them
*  our fish, Pastor Rick (yes, he's named after our pastor) - this morning I thought he had expired - whew, he's okay!
*  being able to pray right on the spot


  1. Dear Kit, I really do feel for you. I'm a homebody, too, and when I go to work, I dread getting ready in the morning, especially when it's cold out. I'll remember you in my prayers.

  2. Jodi, your comment means a lot to me! I'll remember you, too.


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